How To Fix Website Not Working Properly.


Learn How To Fix My Website is Not Working.

Fix website not working problems on the computer browser, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop Computer & Mac.Fix WordPress Website Not Working properly after loading SSL. In this article we are going to tell you How can you easily Fix Website not working problem’s that is because of any HTML error, PHP error, WordPress Error etc.

Check Website is Down only for you or to Everyone.

The very first you need to verify is that whether or not your website is down for you or your website is down for everyone to check this problem try to load your website in different browser’s or check with different computers or IP.

The website is Not Working for Everyone.

If you are a website developer or Website owner and you are not able to access your website it mean’s there is something wrong with your website code, website hosting, or some other internal server problem’s. To exactly know why your website is not working you need to perform some Tasks such as check with .htt access file test. perform JavaScript test, CSS and website server, Website security test etc.

Perform Function Testing.

Test all links in your web pages are working correctly and make sure there are no broken links. Links to be checked will include –

  • Outgoing links
  • Internal links
  • Anchor Links
  • MailTo Links
  • Test  HTML/CSS
  • Test Cookies

Perform Usability Testing.

  • Test the Site Navigation
  • Test the Site Content

Perform Interference Testing.

  • Web Application
  • Web Server Test
  • Database Server

Perform Database Testing.

  • Test if any errors are shown while executing queries
  • Check Response Time and data handling request timing.

Perform Security Test.

  • Test unauthorized access to secure pages should not be permitted.
  • Check your site for Malware & Trojan attacks.
  • On the use of SSL certificates, the website should re-direct to encrypted SSL pages.

To Perform these test for free you can contact our Website Testing Team @ 1-812-558-3268.

If your Website is Not Working only for you.

If you are not able to access your website only in your computer, Laptop or iPhone it mean’s there is something wrong with your personal server such as your internet connection is Down, Browser Cookie’s Problem, & it can also possible some other java-script extension is stopping your website to render.

How To Solve Website Not Working on Internet Browsers Such as Chrome, Internet Explorer & Firefox.

If the Website you are trying to load is not working on your Browser such as on Chrome, Internet Explorer & on Firefox to solve such problem’s you first need to check your website program coding whether or not it is compatible with your browser or not.

 Delete Website Browser Cookie’s

By deleting the website Browser history and cookie’s you can easily solve your browser problems. If your problem still won’t resolve then open your website in a different browser or try to use private window.

Try Different Browser’s

If you are not able to access any website then open your website in a different browser & then check whether or not your website is working.

Check Your Internet Connection.

If you are not able to load your website that can also because of your Internet connectivity problems.


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