Safari Not Working on Apple Mac Book, iPhone & iPad.

Apple Safari Browser is Not working

My apple Safari Browser is not working on iPhone, MAC, iPhone, iPad etc. Safari not working on WiFi, Safari browser update not working.

If you are having some problems with your Internet Browser. Then you can contact our customer service team for help.

Safari Troubleshooting.

In this article we are going to tell you some Trouble Shooting step’s that can help you to solve your problem’s with your internet browser.

  • Update Problem
  • Not Opening Problem’s
  • Safari Not Opening page’s
  • How To Reset Browser.
  • Printing Problem’s
  • Email Send and Receive problem’s.

Safari Not Working on MAC Laptop or Computer.

If your safari browser is not working on your MAC laptop or computer then it can be because of multiple reason’s such as.

  • The browser is not Up to Date.
  • Unwanted Virus or Plugin is running.
  • Internet is not running on web.
  • Email is not running on browser.
  • History and Cookies Related Problem’s
  • Web Page loading problem’s

These are some basic problem’s that you can sometime face while surfing Internet. If you are facing such problem’s than you can contact our support team for Help.

Safari Not Opening.

If you are not able to open your Safari Browser on your MAC, iPhone or iPad then it can be because of multiple reason that we are going to discuss one by one.

How To Fix Safari not opening on Mac book.

Update Proxy Setting’s.

First check your proxy setting’s of your MAC book because sometime that can be automatic reconfigured  that can prevent your browser to open Web Page’s.

  • Restart Your MAC Book
  • From the Top menu click on the Apple Icon
  • Then Select System Preference.
  • Under Network Preference click on the Network.
  • Then after click on the Advance Option’s.
  • Click on the Proxy Setting’s.
  • If your Proxy setting’s is Enabled then please Disable this.
  • Restart your Browser.

Check Firewall Setting’s

Some time an antivirus Firewall can also disable your browser to run so that is very important to know what is your Firewall setting’s

  • Open your Apple Mac Book
  • From the menu option click on the Apple ICON.
  • Click on the system preference.
  • Under system preference click on the Security & Privacy.
  • Then select Firewall option.
  • Then Browse and check your Internet Browser is listed or not.
  • If it is listed then click on “Allow incoming Connection’s”

Remove Third Party Add-on’s

Some time third party Add on’s can also cause some problem for your Internet browser to run to fix this problem you have to remove some of the Third Party add on’s  to fix your problem.

  • Open your System Library
  • Then Search for Internet Plugin’s.
  • Under Internet Plugin’s go to library again.
  • Then click on the “Input Method’s.”
  • Under Input Method’s go to Input Method’s.
  • Remove all the unwanted plugin’s that what can you see there.

Safari not Loading Pages

If you are not able to open or load any page’s in your Safari browser that can be because of some internet or external issue’s such as

  • History & Cookies Related Problem’s
  • Internet Connection is running slow.
  • Malware or Virus related problem.
  • Website that you try to load is no longer exist.
  • Web Server related problem.
  • Antivirus Firewall is not allowing you to visit that site.
  • Because of unwanted Third Party Add on’s.

Email is not Opening or Running on Safari.

I am not able to open or run my email on safari that question is asked by many of user’s so far. In this blog we are going to tell you How can you easily fix Email related problem’s on your Web Browser.

  • Delete Browser Cookies.
  • Remove all unwanted Plugin’s
  • Clean your MAC.
  • Restart your computer then open your Website again.

Safari not working on iPhone & iPad.

If your Safari browser is not working on iPhone or an iPad then you can easily fix such problem by reinstating your software on your iPhone or iPad.

After reinstalling your software you can able to successfully used your internet if still   you are facing some problem then you can easily contact our customer support team for help.

Update Safari Browser

If you are not able to update your Internet then it you also easily fix such problem’s by reading our troubleshooting step’s.

To check if there is any Update available you can go to Apple MAC book store in your Mac book, iPhone or iPad and then click on the option that is called Update.

If there is any Update is available then you will see in front of you if there is no Update available then you will not see any message our there.

Reset Safari Browser

By Resetting your Safari you can almost solve all the problem’s that you are facing with your Internet. Resetting your internet can help you solve your problem’s with History and Cookies Related problem, Not opening and not running related problem’s etc

How To Reset Safari Browser.

  • From the Tab menu first click on the History Tab.
  • Then click on the clean History and Cookies.
  • Then click on clean History and Cookies form the beginning of the Time.
  • You can also choose Reset all setting’s form Default
  • By doing so you have to restart your computer.

These are the some basic problem’s that we discuss with the help of this article. We hope you like this article and we solved your all problem’s

If in case you have any doubt or query about your problem’s then you can contact our Technical support Team @ 1-828-668-2992.

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