PokeMon Go Not Working

PokeMon go not Working

How To Fix Pokemon Go game not Working.

Pokemon go not working on iPhone, iPad, Andriod, Jailbreak,. Pokemon go not working after update, Pokemon go not working on WiFi etc.

In this Blog we are going to tell you How can you easily fix Pokemon go game is not working and we will also tell you How can you easily Fix this problem.

Most Common Pokemon Go Problem’s.

  • GPS signal Not Found.
  • Pokemon Go not working on my phone
  • My progress in Pokémon Go has been reset.
  • Can not able to connect with Pokemon go server
  • Pokemon did not appear near me.
  • Game is running slow and it’s crashing a lot.

These are some basic problem’s with Pokemon game in this article we are going to tell you How can you easily Fix these problem’s one by one.

Pokemon Go Not Working on iPhone & iPad & on Android Phone.

Pokemon go not Working

If you are playing your game on iPhone or an iPad and then you have found your game start stop working then it can be because of Multiple factor’s as we discuss on the top.

Pokemon Go GPS signal Not Found.

If you are getting an display error that is saying that display signal not found. As we all know this game go track your location via GPS. So the app needs to have a GPS connection. So first you want to make sure your GPS location is turned on.

Pokemon go Game not Working on My Phone.

If you are not able to open your game or if your game is not working on your Phone.Then it can be because of you might have an a Older device or any Older Operating system that is why your game is not working on your Phone.

Above iPhone 5 or Android 4.4 KITKAT user’s can only play this game.

Progress in Pokemon Go is being removed.

There are many people reporting that there game progress is being removed that they have saved. That is usually happen if you update your game recently.

If you have found your game and level is being reset after update then just logged out from your device and try to login back.

If that’s does not make any difference then just switch your Google account to see weather your problem is solved.

Can not able to connect to Pokemon Go Server

can not able to contact to server

This is most common problem every game user is facing this problem this is happen because there are many player are logged in to the server at the same time and that is why there game server crack down.

Because this is an server issue you can not do anything with it, but you can always check the game server status on there website.

Pokemon Game is not Opening.

If you are not able to open you game application that can be because of multiple factor’s such as your Phone RAM is slow, because of server problem etc.

To fix this problem you just have to restart your mobile device and then try to open your game again. If all the game server’s is fine then you can easily able to open your game.

Pokemon Game is not Working on rooted or Jailbroken Smartphone.

If you have Jailbroken your iPhone then you are not able to play this game because now game is being updated Niantic.

Niantic is company who is providing support for Game so if you are using Jailbroken phone then you will not able to play your game on such device’s.

Pokemon Did not Appear Near me :

No One Near me

As we all know game main purpose is not find the cartoon’s character that is coming nearer to you. But sometime you will find that there is no Pokemon near you.

That is really frustrating and you will think what the hell is going on. So now we will tell you what is the reason’s behind that.

The game is basically work on the basic of Google traffic so if you are moving and if you have more traffic near you then you can find lot many character near you. If you are living in remote area then you will find some problem while catching the character.

 Game is Freezing and it is running Slow.

This is the most frustrating about the game if you game start freezing and it start crashing on you. Sometime you game become unresponsive and it start lagging between the play.

To fix this problem you can turn off your Mobile Data connection or WiFi and then restart your game because sometime there are some Ads are also running along side the Game.

These Ads can make your game performance slow if you turn off your Mobile Data or WiFi in that case all ads will be disappear and then you can easily play your Game.

That’s How you can solve your Problem’s related to your game. If you like this article please leave a comment in the section below or please share this blog on your social networking site.


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