Kodi Covenant Not Working

covenant not finding streams

How To Fix Kodi Covenant Not Working

In this article, we are going to tell you How can you fix Kodi Convenant not working & not loading movies & streams on firestick & on T.v.

If you do not know How to fix Kodi Covenant then you can click on the link to find Kodi Covenant Customer Service.

Kodi Covenant not working

Step By Step Guide to Fix Covenant is Not working

Covenant not loading movies

If you are not able to load movies on Kodi then it can be easily fix you just need to follow these tips and tricks given below.

Before we go further

First of all please install any good VPN so that you will not get any copyright issue’s while loading and playing your favorite movies’ & sports.

The best VPN service that we can recommend is Ip vanish if you want some free one then you can go with Browsec VPN.

Most Common Problem’s

1. Covenant not finding streams

If you are not able to find any streams on your Kodi that can be because of multiple reason’s such as the video link is broken or moved, Trakt not working etc.


covenant not finding streams

How To Fix Covenant not finding streams.

The main symptoms of this problem is because of Covenant kodi addon because of that you are not able to find any streams.

  • First of all launch the Kodi Addon.
  • Go to the play back option from the tool’s menu.
  • Then change the directory.

2. Covenant streams not working

If you are not able to streams online & your Covenant not working than do not panic. To get covenant just follow this very quick & fix it.

covenant streams not working

If this method fail’s then you can try to clean your cookies and cache from the menu.

3. Covenant not working on Firestick

If you are using a Amazon fire stick & your covenant is not working on Firestick that you can easily fix by using reinstall & update.

Kodi Covenant not working_1

covenant working on firestick


Kodi Covenant not working

Kodi Covenant not working

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