How To Fix iPhone Not Working Properly


Learn How To Fix iPhone Not Working

iPhone is not working with WiFi, iPhone not working after update,iPhone not work after reset,iPhone apps is not working. In this article we are going to tell you How can you easily fix iPhone related problem’s.

Step by Step Guide to Fix iPhone related Problem’s.

How To Fix iPhone won’t turn on.

If your Phone screen got frozen and it won’t turn on or if you iPhone get stuck during start up. Then you can easily solve these problem’s by reading our article.

How To Fix if your iPhone screen is Black or Frozen

  • The very first thing you need to do is ¬†Force restart your device. By Force restarting you will never loose your data.
  • You can able to force your phone to restart even if your Phone is in Black screen mode.

To Force restart your device you need to hold your power button key along with the volume down key button for 20-30 second’s. Then finally you will get an Apple logo and then after you can able to see your device screen.

How to Fix iPhone not Working with WiFi.

If your iPhone is not working with WiFi then you can solve these problem’s by performing our troubleshooting step’s that is given below.

Reboot Your Device’s

  1. Reboot Your Phone
  2. Reboot your WiFi Modem or Router

If you are having some problem while using your internet on your Phone then you can reboot your Modem & Router then check weather or not your problem is solved.

Forgot WiFi Network Name

If you forgot your WiFi network name or password then you can easily check your WiFi network name by just going to your WiFi network setting’s.

  1. Open your Phone Setting’s.
  2. Click on WiFi network option.
  3. Select on your WiFi name
  4. Then Click on Forgot Network.
  5. Then click on DHCP and then click on Forgot

That’s How you can easily recover your WiFi network name and Password. If you are not able to recover your WiFi password then you can contact our support department for free help.




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