Chrome Browser Not Working


Google Chrome is Not Working.

In this article, we are going to tell you How can you easily fix Google Chrome Browser not Working and not running problems on Windows, MAC, Android and on iPhone.

About Google Chrome

Chrome is a free Internet Web Browser that is design and developed by Google INC. It is one of the most used Internet Browser in the World.

It can be used on any Smart device such as an iPhone, Android Phone, iPad and on any other Laptop and computer.

Google chrome has some outstanding features such as Incognito Browsing, Pop up Blocker and Google Safe Search etc.

General Problems in Chrome.

  • It starts Crashing.
  • Frozen Tab on Window.
  • Browser Got Malware or Popup.
  • Videos are not Loading
  • The website is not Loading
  • Internet page cannot display on the Web Page.
  • The browser is Working Slow.
  • The home page is Automatic Changed.

These are the some of the Basic problems that you and we face every time with Internet Browsers.

Chrome Not Working on Windows 10, 8 & 7

If your Browser start-stop working and you are not able to use your Internet browser on Windows Operating system then it can be because of Multiple factors such as.

  • Google Chrome not Working on Windows Update.
  • A browser can not display the Web Page.
  • Chrome Start Crashing and Freezing
  • Pop up and Annoying ads are coming.
  • A browser is Working very slow. 

These are some of the basic problems with your Internet Software to Fix these problems you can contact our Customer Service Number for help.

How To Fix Some Basic Problems with Chrome.

Chrome is not Working on Windows Update.

If you have just recently Updated your Windows and then after your Google start-stop working then in this article we are going to tell you How can you easily fix this problem.

Delete Preference File :

If you have just recently updated your Window then you can delete preference’s file to solve your problem to delete preference file you need navigate this path.

  • Open your C program’s File.
  • Select your computer User Name.
  • Go to APP data.
  • Open Local Folder and then Google Chrome.
  • Then open USER/DATA/Default.
  • Delete the Preference File.

That’s How you can easily solve your problem. If  that step won’t work then you can reinstall your Google and then your problem will be 100 % Solved.

How To Fix Chrome Start Crashing and Freezing.

If your Google is starting crashing and freezing on you then it can be because of multiple factors such as an extension is not Working, Java plugin stops working, Browser has some Malware of Cookie’s etc

How To Fix This Problem.

  • Clean your Browser History and Cookies
  • Scan your computer with some good antivirus or Anti malware Tool.
  • Reset your browser setting’s.
  • Reinstall your Google.

These are some of the basic troubleshooting step’s that you can follow to fix such problem’s with your Browser if your problem still won’t resolve then you can contact our support team for help.

How To Reset Home Page in Chrome.

If your Homepage in chrome is automatic changed in your browser then it can be because of any Trojan Horse attack on your computer or if any Bad malware is running on your device.

How To Reset your Browser Home Page.

  • Open your Browser setting’s.
  • Clean your Google history and cookies first.
  • Then click on the Extension tab.
  • Remove any bad Extension is running.
  • Then again go to Google setting’s.
  • Under Setting’s Click on the Advance Setting’s
  • Then Finally click on the Reset or Restore Setting’s.

That’s How you can easily reset your chrome browser. Some time after resetting your Chrome again your settings is being changed that is because of any Unwanted software or Malware is running on your PC or Computer.

How To Remove Virus Pop up Message from Chrome.

If your chrome browser got virus pop up that is saying your computer got the virus and that is freezing your computer screen then beware of this kind of technical support scam.

In this article, we are going to tell you How can you permanently remove Virus Pop Up from your Google. If these Pop-up virus keeps coming back then you can contact our customer service number @ 1-812-558-3268.

Remove Virus Pop up Message :

  • Restart Your Computer
  • If you are using Windows then just press Window + R Key Together.
  • Then From the Run Option Type Ms-config.
  • Click on the Boot Tab Option.
  • Then Finally click on Safe Mode and Network Option.
  • Than restart your computer.
  • That will bring your computer in Safe Mode.
  • In safe you can perform your computer Troubleshooting Step’s.
  • Scan your computer With some good Malware Tool’s and then reset your Browser.
  • Then Follow the Same step Window + R and type msconfig.
  • This time unchecked the safe mode option to Undo Safe Mode.
  • Restart your Computer and then see your problem is solved or Not.

If you are not able to solve the problem then you can contact our customer service team for help.

Google Chrome is not Working on Apple MAC.

If Chrome is not working on MAC then you can follow the same step’s that we described on the top for Windows such as Reset your Google, Restore setting’s, Scan your MAC laptop computer with Anti-Malware Tool’s et.

If your problem still won’t resolve then you can contact Chrome Customer Support Team for help.

Google Chrome is Not Working on iPhone or Android Phone.

If your Chome is not working on iPhone or Android phone then it is very easy is fix this problem on Smart Phone. If your Google is not either on iPhone or Android Phone then from the setting’s tab just uninstall it and reinstall back from the play store or from the iTunes store.

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