Apple ID Not Working


Apple ID is Not Working

Learn How To Recover Apple ID not working on iPhone, iPad, Mac & MacBook Pro.Apple Id Not Working after Update, Forgot Apple Id Password. In this article, we are going to tell you How can you Fix Problem-related to Apple I.D such as How to recover Apple ID & Password.

Learn How To Set Up Apple ID

What is an Apple ID?

Apple ID is a unique I.D that is used for various Apple Product’s such as on iTunes store, Music Store, iCloud, iMessage, and for many more other service’s.This ID can be used for Sign in & Login into your iPhone, Mac and other product’s.

How To Create an Apple ID

You can create I.D when you buy any new Apple Device such as iPhone, iPad, Mac or Macbook pro, Once you bought an  Apple product’s then the very time you can create your Id.


  • An email address that can be from any email provider’s ( Such as Gmail, Hotmail etc).
  • A Strong Password that must have strong characters & alphabets.
  • Your date of birth for security purpose.
  • A valid security question that you can set up while creating for your account recovery. If in case you forgot your Apple I.D or password then your security answer can help you to recover your account.

How To Secure Your Apple I.D

Security for your account is very important because if somebody got your account information then he can access everything such as your Phone contact’s, Phone Address & your iTunes or any other credential’s information.So from this article, we are going to tell you How can you secure your account information.

  • Use a secure password for your account ( That must be unique and different from your Email)
  • Set your security question that is very Hard to guess.
  • Set up a two-step verification to maximize your account security.
  • Change your old password regularly.
  • Do not ever click on Phishing email, Scam call’s & never share you I.d to anyone.
  • Scan your device regularly.

By Following these some basic tips you can secure your Account information if in case you think you ID is compromised then you can contact Apple Support team.

How To Recover Apple ID & Password.

Forgot Apple Id & Password

If you forgot your Account information and you do not know how to recover in that you can contact our support team for help and recover your I.d. You can also recover your I.D  if you have the valid email address and security question answers. You just need to login into the apple store and click on forgot I.D & Password then after you will be asked for valid security question and answer by answering these question you can able to recover your I.D.

That’s How you can able to solve your account related problem’s if you like our blog please leave us a comment on the section below.

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